Industrial waste water treament

          As the major industrial country in the globe, after years of development, there is rising concern about water use and increasing pollution in Mainland China.

          Though combination of extensive experience in water treatment, effective talent pipeline and solid technology fundamental, New Concepts will focus on DTRO system and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) project, which is one of the most promising specialized areas in the water treatment industry, in market perspective.


Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

Businesses operating in China are increasingly concerned about water use and pollution reduction. A solution that a number of organizations have employed, is not just to improve water use efficiency and reduce liquid effluents, but to discharge no water at all, that is Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). ZLD is a mechanism to recover and reuse all water
while stop emissions.
ZLD system involves a range of advanced water treatment technologies, through a couple of steps: